Page 4

remembering Jude is like remembering a cinnabun you ate- so good, but you forgot you ate it.

Hooray for interruptions!

Page 3

G-Good job, Dylan...

Dylan’s plan to hide was full proof, huh?

Page 2

Jude would be great at eye spy

That’s one hell of a way to greet someone.

Chapter 1- Tryouts

Jeez Dylan you act like he smells

Just wanted to post the cover (don’t know if I’ll do it for the book or not) to chapter 1. It will begin within the next 2 weeks. I don’t have a set date as this comic is number 2 to do. But follow my instagram and twitter and you’ll get updates. Also, support my patreon for early updates of this comic and Anything Inc. So I hope you enjoyed thus far, because it’ll only be cuter, funnier, and crush your feels.